Ain’t No Ni**a That I Trust Lyrics — Karrahbooo

Ain't No Ni**a That I Trust Lyrics — Karrahbooo

Ain’t No Ni**a That I Trust Lyrics is an English song performed by Karrahbooo, written by Camo! (USA), Lil Yachty, DC2Trill, Draft Day & KARRAHBOOO and the music production was handled by Rawbone, WessGoneMad & MitchGoneMad. You will get the song lyrics below.

Ain’t No Ni**a That I Trust Lyrics

[Intro: Camo! & Lil Yachty]
It’s us (Go)

[Verse 1: Camo!]
Her and her friends want liquor, I left and came back with four rums like Reddit
Check up on all my exes, big body up in Texas
All white body, but it’s not a Lexus
My cup look a lil’ red-ish
Purple inside a yellow Fanta, now it’s like Cameron Reddish
She told me she’s not that flexible, neither is my schedule, we still gon’ check it
I treat the money like messages, keepin’ it blue like I still ain’t read it
Crosses on my gla^^es, f^^k all the opps, we fastest, make ’em past tense
bi^^hes treatin’ me just like Phat Farm, my name on all they a^^es
ni^^a flexed his chains, I held my hands up and made invisible gla^^es
I still couldn’t see it
Treat a broke ni^^a like we playin’ freeze tag, ’cause I just couldn’t be it
Treat the pu^^Y like a janky fan who broke somethin’, f^^k it up and leave it
She wanna be 31, gotta stamp it up in ink
She like forty-two, I’m just like you without the drink
Concrete diamonds, lay out chains on the ground and make a skating rink
My mans will slap a ni^^a at the award show like I’m Jada Pink’ (Okay)
U-S in my bio like I love my country
First M loading up right now, bi^^h, I can feel it comin’
First thing off the bat, I can’t love a nat, it’s just a nat
My stepper can’t be televised, he’s known to twitch like Kai Cenat
All of my ropes is gold, I’m using them bi^^hes to tie up the sack
I hit the bi^^h from the side, can’t risk her diggin’ her nails in my back
Boat and DC poured so much Wock’ in the pop, the soda went flat

[Verse 2: Lil Yachty]
I was runnin’ through pints in two days
All of my h^^s go two ways
I been that ni^^a since daddy had Nextel two-ways
Never consent to a due date
My white bi^^h like my credit card, my Black bi^^h like my blue face
I hit a bougie bi^^h that tried to take me on a police chase
Me and my mom got matchin’ watches, hers just got the new face
Stuffin’ hundreds in a piggy bank like it’s a flower vase
They claimin’ I gotta be kin to Ma$e
I need to find Jesus like him
So I can sit down with him and tell him I wanna be just like him
One gold tooth like Tyson
White bi^^h look like Tyson
Stackin’ up chicken like Tyson
Way I been carryin’ these ni^^as, real soon I’ma have me a back like a bison
Late night, I call up my Dyson
Squeeze it real tight like a python
Twenty-six bi^^hes in Mastro’s
Doggy walk down in his day clothes
Had too much hair for a ski mask
Every rap ni^^a was a Benz, we know who would be a Maybach
And who’d be considered an E-Cla^^
I don’t do GFs unless they gon’ give me a cheat pa^^
Ride with this glick on my hip for so long, it done d^^n near gave me a heat rash
At twenty-six, mama told me daddy wanted abortion
Imagine the loss of the fortune
The thought of that had me scorchin’
The thought of my mama goin’ nine-to-five because of an unready boyfriend
These ni^^as be talkin’ ’bout steppin’, that’s something I just don’t recall
Just like the Dallas and Hawks game
I woke up and felt like I didn’t want to share and I’m takin’ back all of the portions
I wish I had time to handle you ni^^as, ’cause we would’ve brought back extortions
I know what they think ’bout the nails, the motive these ni^^as is constantly forcin’
ni^^as is overly gangster
Protectin’ an image they don’t even own, these ni^^as do not know the answer

[Verse 3: DC2Trill]
Solid to the bone, Concrete structure, they know what we on
Ain’t goin’ back and forth with these ni^^as, dog, they vehicle is they only home
I keep all blues like a Jazz player, call me Karl Malone
He ain’t give the pape’ up yet? It’s cool, he got late fees
Who the f^^k gave me these twenty-dollar bills? Dog, I hate these
Cyclin’ foreign whips on expensive trips like an eight-speed
Ain’t stuntin’ none of these broke h^^s, blackout curtains on my windows
Sip, sip, quarter piece of Benzo, H. Lorenzo
Chauffeured ’round in Caddys, dog, I got this from my ten toes
Smashed her on Fat Tuesday and left her in the NO
Grew up where the goons pray, I’m knowing how this s^^t go
Real Lakeside baby, I do it for my kinfolk

[Verse 4: Draft Day]
Tell me what’s the word, you must not heard, I’m stormin’ by demand
I promise that we tied in, when s^^t get tough I know the ‘crete ‘gon hold me over
Every day, I’m gettin’ closer to my dreams
They runnin’ schemes, but won’t trick me up out my spot, I earned my rank
She throwin’ twat in exchange for funds and fame
Your favorite rapper real life lame
The truth hurts, charge it to the game
I’m not impressed, we’re not the same
How you flexin’, but livin’ check to check? You better come correct
They know it’s us, in full effect
Any disrespect, my stepper right direct
Cleats on, Concrete Nikes
I don’t care if you don’t really like me
I know Bankstone right beside me
They say it’s love, but I feel despised
I see the pain, I could read the lies all between the lines
Man, free the guys
R.I.P. the ones who ain’t crossed that line to the other side
I’m in prime time
My life in the sunshine
First you get that money, then that power, the world is all mine
Yeah, ni^^a
It’s us, man

Ain’t no ni^^a that I trust to knock off the dust
Walk with that sack under my arm, ’cause stackin’ up a must
I crushed the Perc’ into the Tuss’, too geeked up to fuss
Move like a boss, I’m not like them, they doin’ such and such
I was sellin’ lemonade while y’all would double dutch
I used to scam, I used to trap, I never cuddled much
Out ’til the AM, scratch my plans, I never settle much
I slipped on pimpin’ once
You asked for h^^s, I brought ’em round and you ain’t f^^k ’em once
Got all them guns put in your name and you ain’t grip ’em once
He sent the money for some pints, but I ain’t ship not one
It’s KARRAHBOOO, I’m not the two, you gotta know I’m up
I heard you been say you the one, I guess it never stuck
I’m too stuck-up just like antenna, don’t let me get the signal
Up late like I’m Jay Leno
I move around with third-strike criminals
You get the memo
It’s us

Song Credits

Song Name:The Concrete Cypher (On The Radar Freestyle)
Artist(s):Concrete Boys, Camo! (USA), Lil Yachty, DC2Trill, Draft Day & KARRAHBOOO
Writer(s):Camo! (USA), Lil Yachty, DC2Trill, Draft Day & KARRAHBOOO
Album:The Concrete Cypher (Single)
Produced:Rawbone, WessGoneMad & MitchGoneMad

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