Damn I Gotta Change My Ways Lyrics — Luh Tyler

Damn I Gotta Change My Ways Lyrics — Luh Tyler

Damn I Gotta Change My Ways Lyrics is an English song performed by Luh Tyler, also written by him and the music production was handled by Luh Tyler. You will get the song lyrics below.

Damn I Gotta Change My Ways Lyrics

Damn, I gotta change my ways
Now it’s sixty on my neck, remember my chains was fake (Ice, ice)
‘Member back when times were hard, we prayed for better days
But now I’m gettin’ paid
Now I’m bringin’ home them racks, I’m fillin’ up the safe
Now I make like thirty bands, that’s just to rock the stage
I cut her off, now she on Instagram, she posting pictures listening to Rod Wave
Man, ain’t that a shame?
She done showed me all her love, but I still did her wrong (Mm-mm-mm)
Even though I always try my best to do her right
I always end up f^^^in’ up, girl, we ain’t lastin’ long
I swear my brodie always keep it tucked, yeah, he gon’ blast the chrome
My ni^^as love it when I tell the plug to go and ship them Ps
My bi^^^es love it when I take ’em home and f^^k ’em to my songs
(On God, it’s no cap, no hat, real s^^t)
Yeah, that’s just how it be

Song Credits

Song Name:Change My Ways
Artist(s):Luh Tyler
Writer(s):Luh Tyler
Album:Change My Ways (Single)
Produced:Luh Tyler

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