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Shawty Pressure Shawty Fine Face Card Valid Lyrics

Face Card Lyrics is a new viral TikTok song performed by Lyriq Luchiano, with lyrics also written by him. The music was composed by Lyriq Luchiano, and the song was also produced by him.

Face Card Lyrics by Lyriq Luchiano

I Wish She Look Like Bro
Shawty Press Shawty Press
Shawty Fine Shawty Fine

Yeah, Face Card Valid
She Gonna Slay It Everytime
Independent Independent

On Her Grind
Yeah, All About Her Money
So, She Never Got Time

First Of All Working She Got Jumping
Right In The Shower
Right In The Shower

Then, She Get Dressing
You Know It Take Her Some Hours
(Take Her Some Hours)

She Sknow She Pressure
Then No Pu^^Y Got Proud
(Pu^^Y Got Proud)

Yeah, And She My Favorite
Let Me Give Her Some Flowers
(Come Here)

N^^^S Protesting But, Ain’t
Talking Bout S^^T
(Talking Bout S^^T)

Song Credits

Song Name:Face Card Lyrics
Artist(s):Lyriq Luchiano
Writer(s):Lyriq Luchiano
Music:Lyriq Luchiano
Label:Lyriq Luchiano
Released:28 Sep, 2023

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