First Day Out Lyrics (Everybody Diss) — Jay Cinco

First Day Out (Everybody Diss) — Jay Cinco

First Day Out (Everybody Diss) is a Latest English song performed by Jay Cinco, also written by Jay Cinco and the music production was handled by Saucii. You will get “First Day Out (Everybody Diss) Lyrics” below.

First Day Out Lyrics

I might cop a cuban link today
I’m feeling good
20 thousand that’s all profit
Wish ya ni^^a could

I got shot and learned my lesson
Right back in the hood
We posted outside with drakes (dracos)
I wish a ni^^a would (wood)

He diss me on a gram
When i catch him he done
Ni^^a snake me for my bi^^h
But, just watch how i come
Got a better one with the same name
Ima double or nun

He f^^k my bi^^h
That ni^^a a bum
Ni^^as pants be tight as s^^t
Man this ni^^as be sus

I don’t see no competition
My ni^^as it’s us
He said he paid 60 for
that s^^t ain’t adding up
You could lie to all these bi^^hes
You ain’t fooling us

Made a 100 off of pro tools
Ni^^a mad i ain’t post you
Let my ex and
Got a badder one
Like i’m supposed to

Ni^^as cappin’ bout co signs
Man he don’t even know you
He ain’t seen a 100 in a day
Well ni^^a ima have to show you
Couple ni^^as bi^^s tried to f^^k me

I can’t do that
I’m too real
I might fly his bi^^h to mexico
I’m tryna kill
These ni^^as cappin’ bout being gangsta
I was inna field
We was shooting s^^t fo real

He ain’t like that
Let’s be for real
Ni^^as mention me in they mentions
I’m tryna beef for real
I’m tryna beef for real Ni^^a

Last ni^^a diss my block
His block ain’t seen dat ni^^a still
Real s^^t ni^^a

I might cop the beamer
The rover or a rari
She act like she don’t like me onna net
Call me saying sorry
Man somebody come and get they daughter
Before i f^^k her
Can’t deny pu^^y like water
She just so freaky
She like a demon
I don’t know what they taught her

I wish she a give a ni^^a
The s^^t back that i bought her
She call me daddy when i’m f^^kin
I don’t know her father
I’ll look right past the bi^^h
Even if i saw her

Bi^^hes who i thought i coudn’nt f^^k
Now i could f^^k em 100 inna duffel
Needed chip like ruffles
Stuffed a 100
Hunnits in my go yard like i’m russel (Bill Russel)

100K ah, have em dead
I ain’t move a muscle
At first you was tryna clear yo name

I don’t even know more
I was tryna buy a crib inna a (Atlanta)
I don’t wanna go no more
I tried to stop speaking the dead

But, they don’t even show remorse
So, we ain’t show remorse
Set him up just send a wh^^e

Every ni^^a i was genuine to
Turned out to be a backdoor
He think he rich
We’ll kill em
Turn his family back poor

Table turned now his bi^^h want me
What you mad for?
Just know if you see
Your bi^^h with me
Just know her a^^ sore
Only thing that fold on me

Is my money when it fold
When it’s cold
Keep the glock in my coat
If you want somebody gone in my city
Let me know
My trigger finger itching
Bullets like let me go

Song Credits

Song Name:First Day Out (Everybody Diss)
Artist(s):Jay Cinco
Writer(s):Jay Cinco
Album:Based On True Story

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