FTA Lyrics — Aitch

FTA Lyrics — Aitch (Freetyle)

FTA Lyrics song performed by Aitch, with lyrics also written by him. The song was produced by Aitch.

FTA Lyrics

Never Lost A Fight
But, Lost My Head Couple Of Times
Should’ve Let ’em F^^K Me Up
To Knock Some Sense Into My Mind

All That Woman I F^^^^D
But, No Rubber On The Bus
If They’re
They’re Ever Up The Duff
Some Are Definitely Mine
Wait, I’m Just Kidding
Just Writ It Just Spittin’

Your Girls Mouth Got The
Hissin’ I Love Kittens
I Was In Town With My Fun Stick
On A F^^K Mission

Then, I Woke Up And My Mom Creepin’
And I’m Drippin’
I’m Paranoid So Get Prepared
To Grabed Me Looked In The Mirror

And Then, I Point The C^^T Starring At Me
I Don’t Buss Leave With My Nut
Cause I Scream When I F^^K

Today I Woke Up And I Ain’t Mentally There
Am I Going To Shave The Chest Of My Hair
Some Thoughts That We Got
Meant To Be Shared

But, I’m Tired Of Being Quiet
I’m Pretending I’m Care
So, Most Rappers Are C^^Ts
Bout As Bad As Their Mums

Talking Burning Pack
Boy I’m Packing Lunch
Call Me Daddy My Son
Play The Match And You Won

If You Are Pat On The Back
Let’s Slap On The Bum
All These Girl On The Net
Put You Pants On The Sack
Sat In A Car Park A^^ Out
Hands On The Deck

Song Credits

Song Name:FTA
Album:FTA (Freestyle)

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