Imagine If Ninja Got A Low Taper Fade Real Lyrics — Ericdoa

Imagine If Ninja Got A Low Taper Fade Real Lyrics

Imagine if ninja got a low taper fade is an Original Live song performed by ​ericdoa on twitch also written by ​ericdoa is nowadays viral on TikTok Platform. You will get Imagine If Ninja Got A Low Taper Fade Real Lyrics below.

Imagine If Ninja Got A Low Taper Fade Real Lyrics

I ain’t gonna cry on the live stream,
I’m a man, I’m a, I ain’t gonna cry on the live stream,
I’m a grown man I got, I got
Imagine if Ninja got a low taper fade
Imagine if Ninja got a low taper fade
Man, I’m sorry to get serious on y’all like that
I just had to talk my shit
And I don’t even know about this, I just

[Here is The Full 2 Hour Lyrics]
Oh-oh, oh
Oh, oh-oh, oh
Oh-oh, oh, oh, oh

Tried to move out, but it didn’t [?]
I guess I ain’t really think I was better off
Tryna get this off my chest
I carry twin cannons like I’m Agent Bunny Hat
Man, what the f^^k? (Ah-ah, ah-ah-ah)
I’m trying
I’m trying, ah-ah, f^^k
I don’t even know what I’m saying
bi^^h, you know we up (f^^k)
bi^^h, you know me (f^^k, d^^n, d^^n)
Ah-ah, man, listen
I’ma just go off the top, I’ma just go off the f^^kin’ top, man, I don’t care (Ah, d^^n, alright, s^^t)
Alright, huh (f^^k)
I’m in the crib, I’m jelqmaxxing, I’m straight to the max (Hahaha)
Oh-ah, oh-oh, f^^k it
I’ma keep going, man, I’ma keep going ’til they ban me
I don’t give a f^^k ’bout that s^^t, man
I was in Atlanta with John and we was whippin’ the pot, we was tryna keep it cool
We was, man, tryna make these bands, man, tryna make this money, man, I’on give a f^^k
It was me and batsponge two-deep in a f^^kin’ Rover (Man, lemme talk my talk)
They tryna bite the hand that fed, people askin’ for some dante red
What about me? I don’t give a f^^k about that, bi^^h (f^^k)
I’m in the crib, I’m jelqmaxxing, straight to the max
I’ma run it back, that’s a fact, man (f^^k)
What about the house we built?
I know I got a negative canthal tilt, but, baby (f^^k)
I tried
I just wanna make my amends, I just wanna make my bands
I just wanna stack my bread, I just wanna make my ends
I just wanna, oh, I just wanna, woah
I just wanna, oh-oh, oh (f^^k)
Y’all remember back then, we would watch Myth, we would watch Ninja
We was in, like, sophomore year, we did not know, we didn’t even know what the f^^k we wanted to do, man
We just, we was just smokin’ out of tin cans (Haha)
And we was smokin’ out of Mountain Dew cans and had no plans, we just
We just wanted to get high as we can, f^^k around , get scammed, pay like eighty for a gram, d^^n, f^^k
What the f^^k you know ’bout that? We was in Connecticut, just tryna smoke gas, upper cla^^man sold me some straight a^^
Osmiqo with the ten gifted, ah, thank you for the gifted subs, man (Ah-ah, ah-ah, f^^k)
Man, thank you for the ten gifted, but I don’t really give a f^^k
f^^k around and I might, I might have pull up on ’em and gift ’em my sub, man, I don’t give a—, ugh
This is off the dome, this is real s^^t man, this is, ugh
Got a few—, couple people back home wanna see me die
I kick it with CG5, man, nah, lemme run that back, I said this
Couple people wanna see me die, I stayed there, kicked with CG5, f^^k
It was me and batsponge, two deep in the sea with like two guns, yeah
It was me and brakence tryna crush the d^^n Perc ‘fore the day ends, oh, man, f^^k
Listen, you wan’ eat dinner with us, you don’t know what happened
If the music don’t work, I’ma—
If the music don’t work, I’ma end up trappin’
I ain’t gon’ sell work, I’ma— (Man, listen, bro, they not listening, man)
I ain’t gon’ sell work, I’ma sell s^^t to Gavin
They be like, “Who the f^^k Gavin?,” oh, who the f^^k Gavin?
Man, Gavin is my man with the plan, then I caught him by the van, give him thirty of the grams and he made somethin’ shake
I know I’m ericdoa, but I’m prayin’ for a break, every day’s just another headache, and I just—
I just wanna get right, I wanna get right
I just wanna get right
On a runway, still [?]
Can’t kill myself ’cause of GTA VI, in-game
In-game, oh
I can’t do it yet, I got people barely comin’ for my neck, but they don know
We did this from the jump we been here since the—
We been here since the jump, baby, do I deserve it?
Do I deserve it?
Oh-oh, I deserve it (Oh-oh)
I went home last month
Walked inside the crib, like, “What it do, ma?”
Went downtown, saw a jit playin’ s^^t out the speaker, Peso Pluma
I’m like, “Can you turn it down?”
“I f^^k with Peso Pluma, but I’m tryna buy something for my mom ’cause you know it’s Christmas”
That jit had the Trues on, that jit, he had the Trues on
He’s takin’ all the Trues, yeah
My son, he had the Trues on, my son, he had the Trues on (f^^k)
It’s hot as f^^k in this room
What I do, I do this for you, oh-oh, oh-oh
When Eric came, that’s when hip-hop died
bi^^h, I’m ericdoa, I can’t do no TikTok Live
Walked inside the spot, I show ’em how TikTok died
Man, this is real music, I could really show you how to do it
Man, you not listening, y’all not f^^kin’ listening (Oh-oh, oh, oh)
(Man, f^^k it, they think I can’t, they think I can’t do a hook, I’ll come up with some s^^t right now)
I’ll come up with something sick right now
I’ll come up with something sick now (Oh-oh, man, f^^k)
So, before you leave me, could you let me down easy?
Before you leave me, oh-oh, oh
So, before you leave me, could you let me down easy, my love?
Come on
You know I had a team with me, s^^t been the same since they freed my girl [?]
I keep two on me, man, like (Listen)
I remember back in middle school
The teachers saw my last name and a^^umed that I couldn’t speak English
I was like, “bi^^h, what the f^^k does that mean?”
I’m obviously speaking to you in English, I don’t get it
So they put me in like reading cla^^es
Said I couldn’t read bi^^h, cause I had some gla^^es
How the f^^k that make any sense?
They said I had to read a level of a d^^n toddler
But I was reading Percy Jackson, what had happened?
Man, come on, what the hell? I was tryna get it right
I was tryna get it right I was tryna get it right, man
I was reading Percy Jackson as a jit, man
How that make some sense, man?
I was like a, I had other kids in my cla^^, couldn’t spell the word
Couldn’t spell the word “business,” like the word “business”
It ain’t got that, too many letters in it, but they couldn’t spell that, man
But listen, man, at least I’m not an iPad kid, an iPad kid
I’m a grown man, I pay bills and I got a gram and a girlfriend
I was out makin’ d^^n cash, you was in crib, watching “Try Not to Laugh”
Come on, lemme just talk my talk, man, f^^k
Why you don’t understand this pain? We was in the crib watchin Pokimane
Wait, hold on, f^^k, we was in the crib watchin’ Pokimane
I’m a Tier 3 sub, man, if you ask me, I don’t give a f^^k
I’m not one of these Twitch streamers, man
And I’m just tryna get it right, I’m just tryna get it right
I’m just tryna get it right, I’m just tryna get it right
We was watchin Pokimane, tryna get it right [?]
With batsponge in the chat, you can change the game to music, music, to music
Where the f^^k Sponge?
Where the f^^k Sponge? (Yeah)
I’ma stop when they f^^kin’ ban me, man, where was you at?
We was on Modern Warfare 2 on Terminal with the
We had the M9 with the TEC-9, with the TEC-9
With the TEC-9, oh, oh-oh, oh
We was eating [?]
What you know about them [?]
I used to, like, sit inside the crib, and
Play like Call of Duty for like nine hours with some grown a^^ men who was saying the craziest things in my ears, man
Was a terrible experience, I guarantee
That’s some brain damage, that’s some trauma
Cause they don’t understand when you all up in the crib
And you got no friends, that you gotta, you gotta turn to the box and just hit a couple sides just to
Just to feel like you have someone, yo feel like you got someone
They telling me I’m yapping
Anybody who say the word “yapping,” you gotta be like fourteen years old
With the f^^king, s^^t just get me mad as f^^k ’cause, like, a man can’t talk no more without no godd^^n ’04 hopping under his post, like, “Sir Yap-a-Lot”
Like, bi^^h, I’ve been paying bills since you’ve been born, so why the f^^k you on my s^^t, man?
Man can’t talk his talk no more, go do your summer math packet
Instead of tellin’ me some bulls^^t
They tryna say, “ericdoa, the funniest artist out”
bi^^h, this is not a joke, this is, this is real life, this is real life
They prolly gon’ post this on Dexterto
On one of them stupid a^^ Twitter pages, man
I just got, I just got something to say about that man
They gon’ say, “Oh my God, look at him, he’s tryna, he’s tryna cater to women on the internet because, because he just wants to look like a, like a better man than everybody and be on his moral high ground”
But I don’t f^^k with Dexterto
Motherf^^ker be posting too much about women and it kinda makes me uncomfortable
Because, like, it’s one of those situations if one of my mans be just hara^^ing women on the internet that are not tryna do nothin’
They just tryna breathe, they just tryna be in the same space as their other, male counterpart, but
It’s just lame as, it’s lame as hell
Like, why the f^^k RapTV exist? If I ever meet RapTV, we might just have to, oh, we might just have to shoot this s^^t, oh
Thirty seconds
She said, “Eric, it’s like nine o’clock, why you leaving?” bi^^h, you ain’t know I was Puerto Rican?
I can’t stay longer than the weekend, I
My abuelo died like three years ago
I’m gonna be serious for like one second, if y’all don’t mind
My abuelo died like three years ago from f^^king COVID
He don’t even know that his, he don’t even know that his grandson made it
‘Cause I used to, I used to tell him that I, I wanted
That man got me my first guitar
He saw me when, bro
That man got me my first guitar
And I, now when I’m traveling I can’t even tell you where we are
I made this s^^t my time, yeah, I made this s^^t my life
I just wish that I could see his a^^ one more time
I ain’t gonna cry on the live stream, I’m a
Man, I’m a, I ain’t gonna cry on the live stream, I’m a grown man
I got, I got
Imagine if Ninja got a low taper fade
Imagine if Ninja got a low taper fade
Man, I’m sorry to get serious on y’all like that
I just had to talk my s^^t
And I don’t even know about this, I just
This is what I wanna do for the rest of my life
But I get confused and I get left behind
I don’t (f^^k)
I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna make no IG Reels
I don’t wanna make no TikTok s^^t, I just wanna
I just wanna be a f^^king person, make a song for you and do a little f^^king dance or something, I don’t even
Just wanna be myself, I mean, all my life, I wanna be myself, but the
Everybody wanna talk about a label, but
I can drop my own music
Everybody draw conclusions, they don’t know that I can
To be honest, don’t know if I know it, if I can do this
This s^^t get real, that’s why I wanna be a popstar or a man, real spill
They used to think that I was a person to get the best of
Now I drink three-hundred champagne, man, nah f^^k that
But I was someone that they could get the best of
Six-hundred dollar champagne, I’m with Zetra and the
And then I was really someone they could get the best of
Six-hundred dollar champagne, I’m with Zetra
Yeah, f^^k around I pull up to the [?] club
And now I’m (f^^k)
They used to treat me like a little boy
But who’s inside the background, posted with me, boy? The Kid LAROI (f^^k)
We would hit Pastaio and just f^^k around, get a little pasta, f^^k around, go somewhere else, f^^k around, go back to the crib
Can’t even
I just wanna be happy, man, but it’s like
You f^^k around and get reanimated on the internet
And now you have, like, two different existences that you have, one real life and one fake, and
You gotta worry about both ’cause if you, if you die in real life, well, you’re dead and you don’t gotta care about the other one, but
If you die in the other way, no one gon’ remember you or care or anything that you ever made
And your art was useless and it was, there was no point
I need to stop caring ’bout Fantano ’cause
s^^t, that isn’t the point
You know, he’s a, he’s a grown man with his own opinions and
I’m a grown man, just tryna make these millions, I don’t—
If he saw this d^^n stream, he’d be like, “What the f^^k?”
“I f^^k with him ’cause he’s from Connecticut, but, like, what is he doing?”
Hot as s^^t inside that room, I bet he got the puffer on him, he got the—
He got the cargos on, he got the cargos on
d^^n, I just burped in the mic
Man, oh-oh, oh
They out here talkin’ ’bout some monthly listeners
I hate to break it to you, that s^^t don’t matter at all
I don’t understand why people can’t just listen to the music that listen to, like
Without, f^^king, like, projecting that s^^t on a—, I’on know, bro
This s^^t don’t even matter
‘Cause everybody’s fye in they own way, oh-oh (Like)
I’m just tryna—, I’m just tryna have fun, do what I love while also tryna be funny and make people laugh
I’m tryna do this for my, for my parents and for my sister and for my
And for my, for my abuela that’s still alive and my, and my other abuela that’s still alive and my
And my cousins back home and my, my cousins in the military, and
You know, but we, we, we ain’t really get no choice ’cause we’re, you know, we’re predisposed, and
We’re in a plate where the caucus grows, and
If you’re Hispanic in that area, you either work at a Jiffy Lube, or
You sell rock to them skinny dudes, or
I don’t wanna get on here and start, you know, getting political
Even though I get political all the time ’cause that’s my godd^^n right
I just, like—
I’ma keep going, I’ma keep going
Can’t believe Chris said I’m hungry, oh-oh, oh
Ain’t you eat, like, everything? You ate everything in the fridge, oh-oh, woah-oh
You ate like everything, you ate everything in the fridge
I’ma f^^kin’ ball like a free throw, Punks’ nickname, “gordito,” yeah, I don’t give a—
He tellin’ me to [?] but he’s like the only one that I’ve f^^king seen in a while that
Got, like, some intrinsic talent inside his body, like—
I’m really proud of that kid, man, staying out of trouble, tryna make music
He’s just tryna get by and do the same thing as all of us, man, I just—
I wish I could give a piece of everything that I’ve done for myself and just give it to the—
In the end, do I deserve this? Do I deserve this? Oh
I’ma talk about some real s^^t real quick
The day I made “sheaskedmewhati—”
The day I made “sheaskedmewhatmylifewaslike,” the night before, I sat inside my room and I smoked a cigarette and I
That’s the first time I wanted to pop my bottle, real s^^t, ’cause I was
Had a conversation with my mom, she said, “If the music s^^t wrong, then you gotta come home, go to—”
I ain’t wanna come home, I didn’t wanna go to college, I ain’t—
I ain’t wanna do that s^^t, oh, didn’t wanna do that
I ain’t mean to get vulnerable in front of a bunch of f^^king strangers, I ain’t even check the view count, but, like
I was eighteen, in my room, sitting crisscross, tryna pop my s^^t, but I missed, ah
I’m just in my room and I’m pissed off, twenty-one, I ain’t get the—
I ain’t get this s^^t off yet, I ain’t get this s^^t off yet
This is coming off the chest, I got two [?]
You know what I was gonna say, but I don’t wanna get banned, f^^k, man
I’m just tryna get right, get right
Because I was dancing with somebody, please never remind me
One point in my life, I ever wanted you by me
What the f^^k they know about that song?
What the f^^k they know about that song? I was three deep, me and f^^kin’ John, f^^kin’ Zetra, making hella songs, tryna—
Know you didn’t want that, but I just wanted to explain, I just wanted to explain
Oh, I just wanna—, ah (f^^k)
I just wanted to explain, oh-oh, oh (Oh)
He sayin’ this is prerecorded, this ain’t prerecorded, I’m just like this, I got problems
If you got problems with me, we could solve ’em
Everybody gonna—, f^^k
Everybody gon’ see me and post this video on godd^^n every social media and be like
“Oh, he think he funny, he sat here saying a bunch of bulls^^t for the past forty minutes”
They don’t—, they don’t know what it—, they don’t know what I’m on, they don’t
They don’t understand that this is deeper than all that
Like, how he get this far? Last week, I had a
Last week, I had a dream that all my music isn’t art
That this some Disney Channel s^^t, many the guy with the Carti profile pic is right
Maybe I should end my life
He sayin’, “Nobody listen to that d^^n s^^t, we just waitin’ for Music”
And he’s probably right, right, right, oh-oh, right
My manager told me I gotta, I gotta stop being negative
But it’s kinda hard not too, but I’m just tryna change it, I just wanna be a better person, I just
I just wanna be a better person, I just wanna feel like I deserve this
Wanna feel like I deserve this, oh, my f^^king voice broke
I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I’m ’bout to—
I’m ’bout to, I’m ’bout to, I’m ’bout to blow, oh
I’m ’bout to blow, oh-oh, oh
Man, ooh, stroke that s^^t, you better stroke that s^^t
Ooh, stroke that s^^t, you better stroke that s^^t
I’m ’boutta beat my s^^t, stroke
Pullin’ it fast, doing it slow
Dreamybull, I’m ’boutta blow
Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh, oh-oh-oh-oh, oh
Oh-oh, oh
They’re, like, askin’ me, “Eric, why the f^^k you make songs ’bout masturbation?”
I said, “Why the f^^k you dudes ain’t got patience?” I’m just
I’m just tryna be my d^^n self, man, oh-oh-oh-oh
I’m just tryna be myself, man, I’m just tryna be myself, oh
Every, everybody tryna be a mysterious motherf^^ker, wear all black with, post on Instagram, fit pics, and do everything
Like, bi^^h, you weren’t watching Yogscast back in the day, you are not him
You were watching IHasCupquake, we know that
I’m not coming for nobody, I’m just saying, the people that do that, s^^t, they do that s^^t, for real
You were at Verizon, why the f^^k you got Balenciaga on, man, the f^^k?
You was watching Minecraft Oasis
You better switch those Bulldozers to some Asics ’cause
Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh
Ain’t nobody talkin’ ’bout you, Punks
Can we get a mod to un-mod him to make him shut the f^^k up?
And in the end, it was just me and batsponge, two deep in the cut with them big guns, oh
Oh-oh, oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
I’ma [51:30][?]
Posted up with f^^kin’ ericdoavault
Man, he kept my career alive, he kept my career alive
If I didn’t get the VALORANT song, then the whole d^^n s^^t would’ve gone wrong
Whole d^^n s^^t would’ve gone wrong, I’m just tryna
I’m just tryna make song M’s off some d^^n songs, but
They want me to make some d^^n TikTok trend, I don’t want no IG Reel
Bro, this isn’t me
If my career die and I can’t grow s^^t, give everything I—
I’m in this bi^^h, just trying not to crack, I’m just trying not to crack
How the f^^k you gon’ stroke your s^^t to this, to this serious a^^ stream?
I’m just tryna get right and you tryna cream
Man, what the—? I got some freak a^^ viewers, man
Why the f^^k I even do this? Man, I’m tryna make art and I, and I got some dude in my d^^n chat, tryna
Man, what the f^^k wrong with y’all, man? Man, oh-oh, oh
Man, batsponge, go ahead and ban everybody talkin’ ’bout busting or edging or something, oh-oh
What you don’t know is that this is my favorite thing to do in the world
I wish I could do shows for twenty-four hours so I could just s^^t here and get everything off my mind
Y’all don’t understand, man, this is just the same s^^t that goes on every f^^kin’, uh
We was in the crib, watchin’, say it with me chat
2022, we was watchin’ Pokimane, we was watchin’ Pokimane
I remember way back in Atlanta, I met 6 Dogs for the first time
He came to my crib and we [56:01][?] to sit, talkin’ ’bout some—
We played MW2 and we walked around and I told everything about his
He told everything about his d^^n problems and I tried to find a way to solve ’em
And I told him ’bout my problems and he gave me advice, he showed me
He showed me guided meditation, who knew it’d save my life?
I remember that night, got a text—
I remember, it was in the morning, I was on my phone, I was on a meeting, and
John, John came in the room, told me that he
I wish I could’ve seen him, but my f^^king car sucked, I don’t even stop at Starbucks
Only got to see him one time, only got to see him one time, what’s the point, man?
He was like my f—, he was like my f^^kin’ hero, I don’t
I wish I could go back, everything was easier
But we can’t go back
I don’t really understand how this s^^t turned to a therapy session
I don’t wanna trauma dump on none of my fans, none of my supporters, that s^^t isn’t cool
You gotta separate me from what I am and I’m a human at the end of the day, but I’m also ericdoa and I don’t (f^^k, man)
Motherf^^ker tell me that I’m yapping, godd^^n first-time chatter can’t support no one
I bet you in the crib on your PC, playing games in the Discord, and
And he made a godd^^n, and he made a godd^^n thousand dollars this month
Oh, I get it, man, you live in a crib with your mom and your dad and your sister, she going to an Ivy League
But you just in the crib, in your room, hit the pen ’cause you— (Hahaha)
You hit the pen ’cause you can’t do nothing else
So you gonna come into my chat, projecting and saying crazy s^^t, man
You’re twenty-five, why do you still call it a penjamin? (Oh-oh)
Oh-oh, oh, ah, no
I ain’t mean to flame you, but you came in my chat, tryna [?] so I had to go crazy
I been goin’ for an hour, I got content for lightyears but I don’t wanna think about it that way
Man, why the f^^k we always gotta think about content now?
Whatever happened to just kickin’ it with the bros and making stupid a^^ songs, but now it’s all about, “Oh, I gotta post this d^^n TikTik, I gotta post this d^^n YouTube Short,” what the f^^k is a YouTube Short?
I’ve been short since YouTube came out
I don’t give a f^^k, man, you know what I’m about, I gotta
Man, I’m like, I’m like 5’8 in the right shoes, I got white dudes always tellin’ me that I’m a small fry, but I
Why the f^^k you gettin’ on me? Why the f^^k you gettin’ on me?
Like, “I ain’t know ericdoa was that little,” well, man, f^^k y’all, man
Man, I’m just a petite guy tryna get by, man, I’on give a
Your bi^^h like me aynway
‘Cause I can sing and I got gla^^es and I got curly hair and I can dress well and I
I got beautiful eyebrows from my mama
Lemme tell you ’bout my mama, y’all
My mama, my mama work her f^^kin’ a^^ off
She work her f^^kin’ a^^ off, man, and that’s a beautiful woman, man
Man, she just, she as tryna do the best she could
And my dad tried to do the best he could too
We was in Connecticut just on some bulls^^t, man, I was
My mom’s the first person in the family to go to college, my
And my dad the first person to make more than, more than like fifty-thousand, and
I’m the first person in my entire bloodline to touch more than a hundred-thousand, I
You’re not listening
Do you know how it feels to be twenty-one and pay your sister’s tuition?
f^^k it, I’ma let it out now, I’ma f—, I’ma just let it out now, man
I would do everything that I f^^king could for my sister
She taught me how to live right (f^^k, I’m sorry, f^^k)
f^^k it, I’ma let it out (I’m actually crying, I’m sorry, at one point, it was a joke, but now it’s not)
My sister taught me how to live right and now
Now I can take, I can take care of her and her kids and her kids’ kids and her kids’ kids now
Who knew it’d go well? Feed my whole family off of cracked FL
You’re not listening, I fed my whole family off of cracked FL
(Man, they gon’ think I’m f^^kin’ cringe for this, bro)
No matter whatever they say ’bout me
Whatever they say ’bout me, I put food in they [?]
Finally became a man
I can shake my father’s hand, told him
Liam, I’d be so down to get food, but I’m in this bi^^h, goin’ crazy
And I got, like, tears running down my face and s^^t, I don’t want you to see me like this
I’m literally not kidding, I’m actually crying and I haven’t cried in a long f^^king time
I don’t wanna be like that one video, like, where she was in the crowd and
She was raising her hands and she was like, “It’s okay, it’s okay,” bi^^h, its not okay
No, it’s not okay
I just wanna be the last one standing, couple years ago, I would watch Hamlinz, now I
Couple years ago, I used to watch Hamlinz, now I
I never learned how to build, oh, I never learned how to build
But I f^^k with AsianJeff, man, when his grandma rotated in, that s^^t was
Two-hundred, two-hundred, two-hundred
Two-hundred, build me up, build me up, uh
Build me up, build me up, oh-oh
My emotions are [?] I ain’t got no mats
Two-hundred, two-hundred
Man, you know who else I f^^k with, man? I’ma just keep going, man
Jynxzi, I f^^k with Jynxzi heavy, man, you know
He’s just a young man tryna get bread, tryna do what he love, man
I’m [?] man, he’s just a funny a^^ dude, man, he just be —
Sitting on the game, playing [?]
I’m not gon’ lie, what I’m ’boutta sing next is kinda crazy, but you remember way back then when—
Matt Healy was all up in the godd^^n news, talkin’ about dating somebody
I don’t understand why they date him, but his people got no strokes, no strokes
It’s crazy how I could go from, I could go from laughing to, from crying to laughing and talking to y’all about how I love my sister so much
And then I could talk about how British people got no strokes (Lemme stop)
Do I love Jake, man? Liam, that’s a good question
I guess I f^^k with him, nah, sike, nah, man, that man saved my life
Showed me how to get right, showed me how to stack bread
Showed me how to keep a f^^kin’ clear head ’cause this s^^t’s not safe
Every single day’s not made, it’s just—
They tryna say that I’m scamming someone
Tryna say that I’m scamming
You tryna talk about Ash, man, I love that guy
I just want that kid to be safe, I just want him to be the face
I just want him to feel great everyday that he’s here ’cause he knows he’s special
He’s a great kid, he’s just tryna get through the d^^n madness
‘Cause ain’t nobody give you a d^^n f^^kin’ playbook to this stupid a^^, f^^kin’ music industry nuances and grown a^^ men
Telling you that your s^^t is fye, you’re up next and this is what’s gonna happen
And somehow you’re still stuck in the same thing that you were
Talking about numbers and s^^t
Talking about [?]
I didn’t mean to rant on a f^^kin’ livestream and get s^^t off my chest, but this is the only way I know how
Zetra can tell you, while I was setting up this light and this fog machine, I set the smoke detector off, like, five times
I’ma keep going ’til there’s nothing left
Tryna be with the angels, that’s why I got, “Divine,” tatted on my chest
If you don’t believe me, it’s right here
And I got Zetra in my chat, tryna—
And I got Zetra in my chat, tryna engagement farm
Tryna engagement farm
But it’s okay ’cause that’s my bro, I want him to have the same
Man, they just tryna play me like I’m pu^^y and I can’t sing
And that everything is AutoTune and glitches and some hyperpop s^^t, yeah
I wanna put this s^^t to bed once and for all, man
I don’t care what you call my music, you can call it hyperpop if you want
Those were some good days of my life
And I’m gonna remember them for like the rest of my life
But I feel like people have a lot of opinions on the internet, and I would never take it away from the originators and the people who really invented it
I would never do that, a chance that I would ever get in the world
The sounds that you hear, the snares, the synths, the ba^^es
Give them their f^^king credit
They’re all made by trans women
Or trans individuals, or anyone in the LGBTQ+ community
Shoutout SOPHIE, man, rest in peace
Them snares were so fye
I remember hearing every single song in one, one sitting that one night when I found her
I remember I found Pop 2, I had to look at every single other f^^king producer, A.G. Cook made my brain explode
SOPHIE made my brain explode, umru made my brain explode
I just wanted to be real, I wanted to get that off my chest ’cause
I feel like a lot of people feel like we’re encroaching an area
That we’re not supposed to be and take the credit of other people
And I don’t wanna do that at all, I just, I want everybody to be awesome and be friends and make music and s^^t, you know?
I’m not tryna be a copout at all, or an engagement farm and say something that’s gonna get people to like me, I promise
This is just real, this is raw s^^t, I just wanna talk, ’cause I can’t f^^king talk
I end up ghosting every f^^king— (You know what, lemme not, lemme not)
Getting too personal so I’ma just vocalize
So I’ma just vocalize
Oh-oh-oh, oh, oh-oh-oh, oh
Oh-oh-oh, oh, wait, I f^^ked that one up, lemme try it again
Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh, oh my God
Motherf^^kers so right, shoutout Ice Spice
I feel bad for her, but I, I’m so proud of her, man, it’s just
Everybody’s so quick to switch and I love it because they realize when someone can get better at doing s^^t and
I’m not gon’ lie, I was hating at first and I’ma keep it a buck
I was hating at first, but now I’m glad that she’s up
He tellin’ me to hit the d^^n Quan
Like I’ma emote for him or somethin’
Man, what the f^^k? Man what?
There, you happy now? Are you happy now? Yeah
Man, I hope nothin’
I hope none’ I said in this f^^kin’ stream is like a
Thing that people think I’m just sayin’ on purpose, I just
I just wanna get s^^t out my f^^kin’ head, I just
I just wanna chill with the bros
And I wanna go to Top Golf
And I wanna go on tour with bixby, I love that kid, he’s like a nephew to me
That kid could write a f^^kin’ song, I swear to God I just wanna see him up
I wanna see him do the same s^^t, wanna, see him buy his—
I wanna see him buy his f^^kin’ parents cars and buy his sisters anything they ever wanted
Buy ’em everything they ever wanted
‘Cause I could buy my sister whatever the f^^k she want
Whatever she say, whatever she point at, I pick it up and I—
Put that platinum card down
‘Cause they ain’t never think that I would get there back in my school, man
Tryna put me in a f^^kin reading room and tellin’ me
“Eric, you ’bouta be a senior in Algebra II”
I’m like, “You d^^n right, d^^n right”
I learned y=mx blee, f^^k, blee
Mx b for like, f^^kin’, like five years, like five years
I even remember what that s^^t means
I don’t even wanna see a slope ’cause that mean we goin’ downhill
And I don’t wanna go down
I’ma keep it a buck though
Every single person that I, that I met in my life and
Everybody else has a, has a job or a trade or is
In college and is, f^^kin’, fifty thousand dollars in debt or, or has a f^^kin ‘
Or they’re not doing anything and everything seems so f^^kin empty and everything doesn’t make sense cause
Its just an endless hole in where
Fed this God d^^n propaganda from everybody around us
And all the old people ruined everything because they’re old as f^^k and
And not because they’re old, but—
Because they didn’t know that inflation and the housing market was gonna crash
Then they got selfish with their own money and all the banks are d^^kheads, man
So now we have to deal with existential, f^^kin’, weird a^^ dread
Waking up and my mans who [?] at the godd^^n bodega hates his life
‘Cause he just wants to do what he wanted to do
He wanted to paint, he wanted to write a book, but
He can’t write no f^^kin’ book because
God d^^n, go to Brooklyn, go to a brownstone and tell me if you see Puerto Rican
Or a Dominican in that bi^^h, man
No, you won’t
You’ll see a man from Greenwich or some crazy s^^t like that from f^^kin’ Iowa
I shouldn’t be hearin’ Megan Trainor when I go to [?]
I should be hearing [?] or [?]
I don’t really know ’cause I’m not Dominican and I really don’t speak Spanish Yo me no sabo, but listen to me, man
I should be hearing, godd^^n, Bad Bunny blare out of a Honda Civic at 2 PM ’cause f^^k yo’ job
Mama [?]
And I can’t even speak Spanish ’cause I grew up in the
I grew up in the ‘burbs with my mom and my sister, whitewashed, and
I was out here saying, “Dude” (Haha)
(Alright, I’m f^^king buggin’)
I’m only gonna do this for like thirty more minutes because I’m like, I’m lowkey getting hysteria
I just wanna say, shoutout Olivia Rodrigo, because, you know, she, she, she went like six-for-six and ike seven-for-seven
And I’m just tryna go one-for-one, one-for-one
‘Cause I don’t do this s^^t for me, no
I wanna get so successful that I can pay Alexa’s tuition and her daughter’s tuition and her daughter’s daughters and her daughter’s daughter’s daughter
I pray to God that my nephew always gon’ love his father
f^^k that, shoutout Matt Laurence, he told me how to think like a grown man
‘Cause I’m not gon’ lie, this is gon’ be the cringest thing you ever heard, but
I used to think like a nihilist and think that everything was over
And it got to the point where I had to change the background on my phone to something that said, “It’s okay, it’s not over”
Every single day was the worst, man, wanna
I wanna grab the f^^king [?] and just end up pressing a button and
But I can’t do that to my mom, I can’t do that to my mom
I’m not gon’ lie to y’all, like
I had a conversation with, with matt a couple, couple months ago and I
I was having, like, a introspective battle thinking that everything I made is not art
But how I’ma go and let someone with a Carti profile pic tell me what I am?
When I’m a grown man, boy, I’m a grown man
Can y’all tell that I haven’t got shoat off my mind in a while?
I just try to eat everything I can ’cause I gotta be a, gotta be a good example for the fans and I have to be a man in my own eyes
I don’t wanna cry, I just wanna
I don’t wanna cry, I just wanna drain this bottle, bottle, man
The henny won’t save me, the D’usse won’t save me
Tequila got me moving crazy, I don’t wanna
I remember, couple months ago, my best friend almost had a baby
I gotta talk about it ’cause it’s another thing on my mind
But dante red is, like, so hard for me to make now ’cause I’m not eighteen no more
I got different stresses and different ways of coping and different music that I like
And everybody wants me to try to figure out a, a, a, a way to bring it back
Or a way to try to, try to revive it and I tried, I promise I tried, I promise I tried
But every time I open that project, I end up losing my mind
‘Cause I look back and I see a younger me and he was happy and loved music and creating
But not it feels like I’ve been stationed and
I [?] myself, oh, I [?]
‘Cause, like, that man is me and I’m him too and
I just want something to give you that isn’t the s^^t that you’re just hearing on the radio
That same two-step hi-hat and that same 808 that you’ve been hearing for like, for like five years and everybody (Uh, f^^k)
I don’t even know what to, if this s^^t ends tomorrow, then I had a good time and
Had a great time, actually
Man, this s^^t is awesome, I do it for a living
I know a lot of people who would, who would kill for the things that I do, man
And every time I meet somebody like that, I grab their hand and I look at them and I tell them, “Try to do this as hard as you can”
‘Cause in my eyes, everybody has a d^^n turn, it’s, we just gotta wait and, you know, time is the best me—, like, medicine and
You know, we all, we’ll figure out what we gotta do and
At this point I’m just talking and I’m sorry ’cause I don’t wanna make it seem like I’m yapping
But I hate that word ’cause yapping is like, such like a Gen Alpha thing and motherf^^kers can’t speak they mind no more
Everybody gotta be like, “Yap sesh” in my d^^n comments
Shut the f^^k up
Don’t you got a vocab packet to do? To do?
Like, deada^^. You tryna, you tryna say something to me boy?
You tryna, you tryna, you tryna join- you tryna say that I’m just talking that I’m just yapping, okay go ahead spell
Spell, spell business for me
But I bet you can show me how to play Jetpack Joyride
You can show me how to play Jetpack Joyride, but you can’t spell business
You can’t spell business, no
You can tell me every glitch in Sonic 06 but, you can’t really spell business, no
You can tell me all these facts, I mean, how to get outta the map but you can’t spell business, no
I will do this until my f^^king heart stop
And I’m gonna have to cut it off in like, in like the next twenty minutes because
I promised that I would hang out with my manager
And Zetra, and everybody else and
I just wanna kick s^^t, and just
You know, be happy with my life and I think about music all the time and maybe hit a couple bars, you know
It was just me and batsponge two deep in the back with them big guns, oh
They asking me Eric, man hey where you have been?
Life all black and white looking like the Bracken
She don’t even know what happened, wait, I f^^ked that up
She don’t even know what happened
Ooh, ooh, ohh
Man, they tryna say I look like the character from that movie with like the
You know that movie where they’re like, “We don’t talk about Bruno”
Man, I really just wanna smoke with Sykkuno, Sykkuno, ooh
Imagine rolling up a [?] with Sykkuno, you take it to the face and you like
Man, what you been on? Do you really talk like—?
Oh my god, I’m buggin’
I’m buggin’ out, oh, oh
Who knew I’d get this far with a negative canthal tilt, and an overbite, and an overbite
But you know why? ‘Cause your bi^^h like it
Your bi^^h like it, ooh, ooh, ooh
And I don’t really care, ’cause my girlfriend thinks I’m cute
And I don’t give a d^^n f^^k what anybody else thinks
Type vibe, type vibe, but they don’t know
That me and batsponge in the backseat with them big guns hanging out the window
We was tryna bust some, then we saw reef
Asked the boy to meet me, and he hopped inside a car with a fully AR, and he
And he busted at everyone, pause
I know all y’all bout to be like, “He said ‘busted'”
Y’all some freak a^^ jits, oh-oh, oh-oh
Yo, word to my life
How many of y’all wanna bet that you’re gonna see a bunch of people on the d^^n Gram, and the Tok, and the YouTube shorts
Copying what I’m doing right here, but they can’t do the same as me because I’m, ’cause who am I?
‘Cause I’m ericdoa
And I deserve, my voice is kinda, my voice is kinda giving now, but no way ’cause I can still do the falsetto, ooh
He said I look like Manny, well, I’m gonna hit you with this benny
​batsponge, make sure he never type in here again
Tryna play me like a motherf^^king pu^^y, with a, I’m not
I just wanna do a Wock part, I just wanna do a Wock part
Put it down, Wocka
If reef gets to sing about Wock, then so do I
Ain’t no way that that kid poured a 4 in his life
You saying, “You was not sipping, Eric,” how do you know?
How do you know? Bro, how do you know?
I might already know what type of type you are
I swear to God I know that bro is a Zumiez employee, tryna tell me that I never sipped it
Ah, you’re just so lucky that I burped, bro
I know that he’s a Zumiez employee and he, he just
How the f^^k you getting bi^^hed over a Primitive board that’s already built?
Kid walked in, threw that s^^t on the table, and was like, “Ring my s^^t up, bi^^h”
Threw that s^^t in your face and you rang it up like a bi^^h
And it was a Primitive board, it was a Primitive board in [?]
Man, I f^^k with, I f^^k with Primitive heavy and I f^^k with all that other s^^t, maybe like
Maybe like, what’s the skate company that is like kinda f^^ked up, um, I don’t know
Somebody tell the first chat, what the f—, aw, [?] the
Somebody tell the first-time chat guy, that this ain’t a song, this is my life and
It’s coming off the top of my head, only got like ten minutes left
Boy, you know, lil’ boy
I ain’t have to work at Zumiez, man, I made a career out my voice
I ain’t even know I, I ain’t even know that I could sing, for real
Like, one day, like, I was just in the crib and I was singing some d^^n songs, and
You know, matter of fact, I got one more opinion, man
Man, shoutout Nettspend, man, let the kids make f^^king music, man
Everybody an old a^^ man, they just hating on him, man
They just don’t wanna let the kids make music, shoutout Xavier, shoutout all of them, man, they just
They don’t wanna let anybody just have fun with this s^^t, like, that’s what the main thing for ’em
So you’re telling me that you wanna hear Megan Trainor or some other s^^t like that?
Like, you wanna hear Dance Monkey in your ears? Be deada^^, be deada^^
Like, nah, be for real, be for real
If you don’t like Sexyy Red, you hate women
‘Cause, really, she just tryna have fun
I get it that she rappin’ ’bout the sex and the guns but
Have you ever thought about unique life experience? Maybe that’s just all she know
Not everybody like you, got, like, both parents, got Spectrum internet, got, like a thousand up, a thousand down in the crib
Man, f^^k you, man
I wish I had a thousand up, a thousand down in the crib when I was living with my
All my other friends having eight-hundred, nine-hundred and they’re like, “Eric, share your screen, do the Ookla speed test”
I was like, “Okay,” I did my s^^t, I hit the button, like, “Oh yeah”
Little did I know, my ping was like eighty-seven, oh
And my upload was a hundred and twenty
No wonder why I never got good at video games
‘Cause my character, my character was doing the Harlem Shake, the Harlem Shake
Harlem Shake on my screen (Ha)
I’m just, I’m just tryna be here for the, man, if you listen to my music and you 5’6″, I f^^k with you heavy, man
You gonna make it, this your year, word to my life
This your year
If you below the height of, like, 5’11”, you know I f^^k with you heavy ’cause we in the same boat
Everybody wanna talk about, everybody wanna talk about, “Oh, you so, you so small”
Yeah, well, word to my life, you’re gonna die first, ah
Actually, I eat like s^^t and I smoke cigarettes and I drink alcohol, so
I’m gonna die first, probably gonna die first
I don’t do it everyday, but when I get the Henny in my system
I’m like, “Word to Marlboro, go [?] somebody pa^^ me the max-pack, I’m tryna”
You don’t understand how fye it feels to smoke a cigarette after you drink, oh-oh, oh-oh
You don’t understand, you know that Henny hits your system
And then somebody come up to you and they’re like, they’re like, they’re like, “Eric?” and I’m like, “Yeah?”
And they’re like, “Do you want this Marlboro Gold?”
And I’m like, “Erm, yeah, erm, yeah,” oh, oh (Haha)
(How many, how many minutes I got left? Three? f^^k, I got like a whole song)
(How the f^^k I end this, man? How do I end this? Alright)
Thank you guys for joining and listen to me [?]
I appreciate it, this is all I have
At the end of the day, I took a step too far, now if I f^^k up, then it’s all gone
So I appreciate you guys and thank you for staying along
f^^k a 2024 song, you got one that’s like two hours long
I ain’t tell my—, I ain’t say my goals yet
It’s kinda hard ’cause I don’t got none (I don’t f^^king know)
But I’m just tryna be a better person
I’m tryna go out, I’m tryna take my career seriously and put everything I f^^king have in it
If it ever gets dismantled or, or, or touched in any way or destroyed in any way
Then at least I put my all into it and I, and I promise I was being lazy before, but
But this time I’m being real and this time I’m gonna try my absolute f^^king hardest ’cause
I did all this work and I don’t want it to be for nothing, for nothing
I don’t want it to be for nothing, oh
I don’t want it to be for nothing
So if I leave you with one true [?]
The only thing you could ever do is try
Only thing you could ever do is try

Goodbye, thank you guys
You already know we gon’ raid QuarterJade
We gon’ raid QuarterJade, Jade
Gotta get my getback, shoutout Jodi, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh
Tell her I said, Tell Jodi I said
Tell Jodi I said, “Love from ericdoa”
And love to you all
For my Hispanic fans, man
I wanna leave y’all with something, man, that’s important to me, man
It’s something that I’ve been living by, something that I’ve been living by
Now, this, “el único gesto es creer o no”
And to my fans that don’t speak Spanish, man, that means “the only gesture is to believe or not”
I broke my mic stand from putting all my weight on it, so
I’m ’boutta raid QuarterJade, oh, f^^k, my voice got—, QuarterJade
She on the VALORANT, hope she wins her game
Aight, I’ma—, I’m done
If you don’t follow her—, oh, f^^k, you don’t follow her
Then I don’t know what you doing, man
I’ll see y’all later, had to get my getback, I love you all

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Song Name:Imagine if ninja got a low taper fade
Album:Imagine if ninja got a low taper fade
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