Let’s Play a Little Game I Made Lyrics — Baby Kia

Let's Play a Little Game I Made Lyrics — Baby Kia

Let’s Play a Little Game I Made Lyrics is a viral english song performed by Baby Kia, also written by him and the music production was handled by Baby Kia. You will get the song lyrics below.

Let’s Play a Little Game I Made Lyrics

I’on even got it
I don’t got it, why that ni^^a think I got his glizzy?
Hahaha, ’cause I do, ha, I’m one slimey f^^ker
I might give it back if I see it’s Pop Pop, or, nah, nah, he gettin’ quaked too
Ha, they say, “BK, get him right” (Hmm, rrah)
(Ahh, Ahh) They say, “BK, get him right”
Nah, I don’t wanna get him right, you do it (Hm)

[Verse 1]
I told Lil’ Tim to get him right
I can’t go out like [?] you catch a opp, you tryna fight (Rrah)
I told that boy he should’ve listened
.50 Cal’ rip his intestines, doctor said he need a kidney (Mm, mm)
Okay, two extra d^^ks, but I ain’t gay
Draco swingin’ right to left, you better move, there go Lil’ Tay
bi^^h, you post on MLK, slide the Porche truck through the AP, bi^^h, I’m lookin’ for Lil’—
Man, forget ya’
He got a gun, but he ain’t clap nothin’
Double back, Tim hangin’ out the window tryna drop somethin’
Murder on my mind, might kill my bro, feelin’ like Melly
And I might just put the gun down, kill him slow, use the machete
3 just got dropped, you must ain’t heard
Eighty shots come out the CA, leave a opp face on the curb
Slide the black truck through the ‘burb
Hundred round drum on the stick, like, f^^k the five, let’s go to work
Watch how BK finger-f^^k the stick, step back and watch it twerk

Let’s play a little game I made
All you gotta do is pick a candy bar, one got a blade
If you eat the wrong one, I swear to God, boy, that’s on you
All I know is if you spit that s^^t out, boy, I bet I’d shoot

[Verse 2]
.308s bustin’ through the roof
Brodie said he tired of steppin’, shoot a hole straight through his shoe
These ni^^as finna make me act up
Black car, jumpin’ out the Escalade, sticks all inside the black truck (Alright)
He think I won’t come spin the block
Pop out, rapid fire the stick, make him forget he had a Glock (Mm, alright)
She say my music make her wet
And her boyfriend don’t know how to spin, teach her how to shoot the TEC
He think I won’t come spin that block
Pop out, rapid fire the stick, make him forget he had a Glock (Mm)
I’m just gon’ let him think we good
Ridin’ two Glocks in the Chevy, V12 jumpin’ out the hood (Mm)
f^^k ni^^a know this s^^t ain’t sweet
Pop out, Halloween, switch in the crowd, Nightmare on Elm Street (BK)

Song Credits

Song Name:Let’s Play a Little Game I Made
Artist(s):Baby Kia
Writer(s):Baby Kia
Album:Do It To Em / Trick Or Treat
Produced:Baby Kia

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