Pissed Me Off Lyrics — M24

Pissed Me Off Lyrics — M24

Pissed Me Off Lyrics song performed by M24, with lyrics also written by him. The song was produced by M24 and Toxic.

Pissed Me Off Lyrics

One Thing I Learned In Life
Is That Everybody Has That Time
Yes They Hating On Me And They Dissing

That Ni^^A That’s Not My Slime
Rapper Boy Still Taking Risks For The Night
Tryna Find More Bind Uh,
My Boy Ain’t Tryna Get Back From My Little Homie

Must Have Lost Their Mind
Must Have Lost My Young Boys Hopped In A Rhyme
Yes And Stuffed Those Things
That Don’t Rhyme All My Life Uh,

Lately I Been Paid Up
I Put All The Pain On My Grind Uh,
I Heard Them Ni^^As Wanna Tap My Tings
I Wear My Chain All The Time Time

It’s A Kilo To Be Precise
One Case My S^^t Shines
I Don’t Need No Light
No, I Was In A Car That Day

When Something Got
Sprayed Back Then, It Was Me Uh
I Was With S That Day
Coudn’t Get Him We Shaved His Friends
That A^^ Man

Young Nothing New To Me I Was Paid Back
Then I Was Getting G From Young Nothing
New I Was Getting Laid Back Then Get
Close When You Up Out The Car And Make

Sure That Confirmed They Want Me To
Rap I’m Back Outside Of The Strip It’s
Say I Don’t Learn But Who’s Going To
Feed My You And Our Table’s Turn I Don’t

Know Who’s Going To Feed My F When I’m
Back On A Cas And I Shake As A Jour I
Just Laugh On A Road She Are A Gift On A
Curse If I Bottle Up Is Pain They Told

Me It’s Going To Get Worse Lost So Much
Friends The Sheet Left So Much Blood On
A C It’s Got A Long Nose Like A Pl P
Stick On

Me The Of War Go Back And P Up Home Yes
Link Me In Person I Don’t Want To Chel
Phones Go Back And P Up Home Then Come
Back Fully On Smoke The Price Of The Ws

Are Rising Go Get Your Money Up This A I
Want Both Of Them Color I’m Getting Them
Both I’m Them I Don’t Know Which One Of
Them’s Better I’m Bringing Back Both We

Done The Most Then We Made A Toast We
Saw A Chicken And We T Roast We
We They Take Me In When I’m Speaking
With This Fame Got Everyone Tweaking
They Think I’m A Fool But I Do

Everything For A Reason If He’s Old
Enough To Get Verbal Then He’s Old
Enough For A I Don’t Care Watching No
One Can’t Tell Me To Leave Him When I

Told Him I Plan Back Then They Would
Look At Me Like I Was Lost That’s Real
When I Land In J They Treated Me Like
I’m A Boss One Kilo Right On My Neck Now

They Treating Me Like I’m A Boss My A
Shines In The Dark Now They Speak To Me
Like I’m A

Song Credits

Song Name:Pissed Me Off
Album:Pissed Me Off (Single)
Released:31 Oct, 2023

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