Usb Lyrics — Marriii3X

Usb Lyrics song performed by Marriii3X, with lyrics also also written by him. The song was even produced by Marriii3X.

Usb Lyrics Marriii3X

(Thank you Marriii)
How I get rich off a hard drive?
Put a bad hoe in my archive
Now they wanna be on our side
Now they wanna be on our side
Ok, uh
Ok, uh

She send naked pics in the ‘yo
I drop a bag on my least favorite hoe
Said, “Mama, just give me some time, it’s a go”
Ain’t want let me in, so I’m kickin’ the door
No I ain’t changed
I save my change, still cop dollar tea from the store
Start speaking in code when I chop with my joe
Why she get finer when she tell me no?
Shawty so thick, think she got a BBL
Drop her load off, do she got a CDL? Huh
Smart ass nigga, should’ve got a seat at Yale
Get up in the pussy, make the pussy yell
I’m borderline psychotic, can you tell?
Niggas wish to kill me, waste a wishing well
And you know your soul’s price, you gone put it on sale?
Put it all in her gums, now she sending me mail, awww
Got the world in the palm of my hand
Pour a cup, I ain’t palming a xan
I’m psyked out, still half a day till I land
Booger sugar got rock like band, ha
Your bitch know I’m the man
It’s going according to plan
I turned my past to sand, like the Sandman
Got you in a trance, gimme ‘dat

I did this shit by myself
Yeah, I did shit by myself
So all of my feelings I kept, uh (Tre)
I need my green like kelp
Fuck yo’ opinion, go put it on Yelp
Bad bitch like a doll, put her top of the shelf
And my shot going in, don’t look like Steph
Coordinate the syrup with the sand tan
Got these monsters in me like Ben 10
Get you hit long range like Tenten
Niggas they beefing in mentions
Got your bitch on the side, and she benching
Your bitch on the side, and she benching
This is my intervention (OK)
Yeah, this my play, ain’t no intermission (Uh)
Dick in her chest, got her inhibition
Yeah, I’m poking in her face like a esthetician
She gone ride it fast speed it up, expedition

Lil’ mama face card too valid (Yessir, she a ten)
I see her out public, if I want it, know I’m fuckin’ automatic (Yessir, she a ten)
I got a nigga shocked like static
Got a nigga shocked like static
Big boy bucks
Big boy trucks, yeah
Uh, nah let me do it again, let’s go, come on
Big boy bucks
Matte black Rolls Royce truck
Shawty wanna suck when the neck come untucked
Why you staring? Is you gone ask your question or what?
If you can’t pull up on me, is we sexting or what? (Gimme ‘dat)
Just no sex in the butt
Treat a model bitch like a slut
I ain’t never, ever gave a fuck
I ain’t never, ever gave a fuck

Song Credits

Song Name:USB
Album:Observations & Adjustments
Released:20 Oct, 2023

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