Mind Yo Business Lyrics (Freestyle) — Jay Cinco

Mind Yo Business Jay Cinco Lyrics

Mind Yo Business is an Original English song performed by Jay Cinco also written by Jay Cinco and the music production was even handled by Jay Cinco. You will get Mind Yo Business Jay Cinco Lyrics below.

Mind Yo Business Jay Cinco Lyrics

Hey Chopper got a drum plus a hold 150
ni^^a try to run hit him up do his a^^
Like Ricky I’ll be in the slums with my
Gum and this s^^t get Wicked bi^^hes

Trying to go through ni^^as phones hold
Mind your business they know they can’t
f^^k with me Ty push him up the street I
Can’t hand no basic bi^^h she Rich she

Going to f^^k with me ni^^as out here
Tricking on these ho she let me f^^k
With free every ni^^aer in my circle
That they going to bust for me she see a

ni^^aer rich let me f^^k I can’t blame
Her mama told me son stop hang with gang
Bangers get that ni^^a money did bad try
To blame me ni^^as trying to take credit

For bodies let them claim it hle on my
h^^s on the Block on the seven bi^^hes
Hated it on me they a know no better broy
Crossing ni^^a he went missing he ain’t

Having Dave seven dog Fo f^^k about a b f
The famous bi^^h on camera I might use
This s^^t for leverage f^^k me like she
Love me whole time I just met her let

Her on my chain when I f^^k make her wet
Her hit advice from broke ni^^as man
Could have kept it like ,50,000 me ain’t
Nobody even know I’m up in a with a we

ni^^a play with me get on a^^ get
Everybody gone hit one time to kick her
She said I did WR why the f^^k you
Acting like that bi^^h you know your

Credit keep on blowing up my phone I had
To let her go I just hit a ni^^a bi^^h I
Cut her off I played the RO I just call
Her late night let her pull up and just

Take my soulc I’m up I post a d and now
She calling back I could drop a t up on
Your head that s^^t get you whack TR
Behind me I had way before we the ones

That turned the city up and put us on
The map diamonds on my neck They See Me
Shine and come from nothing bi^^hes want
To f^^k me cuz I’m buzz

Song Credits

Song Name:Mind Yo Business
Artist(s):Jay Cinco
Writer(s):Jay Cinco
Album:Mind Yo Business (Single)
Produced(s):Jay Cinco
Song Credits

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